Furstinnan av Amalfi av John Webster, Dramaten 2020
Scenography with willow and oak, styrofoam and charcoal for NUMERO MAGAZINE, all pictures are unedited and form behind the scene
Picture from the exhibition and below a digital representation of the table and exhibition design. Goldin+Senneby’s exhibition, “Insurgency of Life,” including the fungi Isaria Sinclairii on a table designed after the “fountain of youth” in a 1546 Lucas Cranach the Elder painting, and a lego pedometer.⁣ ⁣ This particular fungus grows in cicadas, is used in traditional Chinese medicine for its perceived youthful benefit, and is now used by the pharmaceutical industry to treat Multiple Sclerosis. The pedometers were built based on YouTube tutorials to create machines that cheat activity quotas set by insurance companies.⁣ ⁣ The show at e-flux was curated by Maria Lind with collaboration from Brian Kuan Wood (editor), Anna Heymowska (set designer), Hans Hertz (x-ray physicist), Johan Hjerpe (graphic designer), Ross McBee (biologist), Craig Trester (mycologist), Zhala (musician) ⁣ ⁣ #goldinsenneby #insurgencyoflife #isariasiclairii #fountainofyouth #lucascranachtheelder #legopedometer #lego #multiplesclerosis #eflux @e_flux #marialind #briankuanwood #annaheymowska #hanshertz #johanhjerpe #rossmcbee #craigtrester #zhala #modicacarr #modicacarrartadvisory


Insurgency of Life at e-flux art gallery New York, opening dec 2019 until feb 2020 with Goldin + Senneby

Set design in french NUMERO with fashion photographer Kacper Kacpzyk

Furstinnan av Webster regi Suzanne Osten premiär feb 2020 Dramatens stora scen


Interior and concept of restaurant :PETRI opening APRIL/MAJ 2020 at Kommendörsgatan in Stockholm


AMBULANS manus och regi av Paula Stenström, Premiär Nov 2020 Dramaten Målarsalen

THE NATION av Eric de Vroedt, regi Beata Gårdeler, premiär okt 2020 Backa Teater

Proud part of the Goldin + Senneby artist team that has won the prestigious competition for Art at Korsvägen, VÄSTLÄNKEN with ETERNAL EMPLOYMENT Set/AD: Anna Heymowska Studio

The Descent is a new project in the cross field between art, design and craft. Development and research 2018/2021

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